Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tips for Conveniently Sending Holiday Gifts

This time of the year is always exciting. Receiving and sending gifts possess a charm that we wait for the whole year. But then, there also comes a taste spoiler. You want to send gifts to your loved ones living across the country and you are concerned about the safety and integrity of items that you want to ship. If not planned right, the package might not be able to retain its shape during the transit, ruining not only the mood of recipient but also yours.

Now, sending the gift while ensuring its utmost safety is usually considered a costly practice. The price of sturdy boxes, the bubble wrap, peanuts and other packaging supplies may put a burden on your back and the pocket but it’s something you must bear in order to ensure that your loved ones don’t receive something that spoils their mood; Right? Well, there are some easy and effective ways to spend the money smartly. That might help cut the cost considerably.
  • Spend your money in smart way. While a normal gift can wait for a few days to get delivered, you certainly need to ensure that delicate or perishable items do not face any delay. Next-Day Air might be an expensive deal but it is well worth the safety of your expensive items.
  • Ensure that your gift is packed in sturdy and strong cardboard boxes. Also make sure that items you send do not exceed the limit of weight a box can tolerate. Normally, the limit is mentioned on the bottom flaps of the boxes. Good news is that you don’t need to spend huge amount of money to buy the boxes. There are places from where you can purchase these boxes in low prices. USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL may provide you the free boxes.
  • Fragile and expensive items need to be secured appropriately. While you can follow standard cushioning procedure to secure non-fragile items, special precautions are needed for special and delicate items. For breakables and perishables, make sure that you are using good amount of bubble wraps and other appropriate cushioning materials, enough to ensure that items don’t get perished during transportation.
  • To send perishable foods, pick appropriate days of the week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to ship these items. Handing over these items on Thursday or Friday would be unwise because the package may have to wait over the weekend to get its process of shipping initiated.
  • The large box that can accommodate up to 70 pounds is termed as Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. It costs $8.10 to ship a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. If you are shipping a package that weighs 2 pounds, using Priority Mail Flat Rate Box would be sheer waste of money. The best option that you can consider in this regard is a regular Priority Mail box.